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scotty Vella
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Patrice Cournoyer

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Posted: Thu Aug 14, 2008

I guess many of you have heard that scotty died RL after a car accident today (August 14 2008). We will all miss and remember him. I played on Ravens (Euro League) with scotty in Season 3, he was a great soul, good sportsman, and good player. He will be missed by me, and many others.

Vivienne Coppola

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Posted: Fri Aug 15, 2008

This is the first I heard...
shocked is one word for it
will miss him heaps
Jack Belvedere
League Admin

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Posted: Fri Aug 15, 2008

Scotty has been around SLHA for a long time. He's from Spain and has played in the European divisions and, most recently, was planning out a sim purchase. He brought out the plans for it the other night and I was going to be assisting him with a rink build. He loved the SLHA and the friends here. I want to thank the teams last night for graciously delaying the game. The news was spreading and people who knew him were quite upset and your kindness means a lot. All of you showed to Scotty that, while sometimes we don't see eye-to-eye on a rule or a crease call or whatever, SLHA is a family. We will miss you Scotty.

A few of us have discussed some memorials and game in-honor of Scotty and will let you all know once we know.
Merrik Caproni

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Posted: Fri Aug 15, 2008

im still at a loss for words on how i feel today... I thought about him all day...didnt sleep much last night. even now i got on hoping it was all just a bed dream. in the last couple weeksn scotty and i became very close friends and even tooted that we werre SL brothers. we spent alot of time together building stuff and everything. when he started working on the sim idea...after asking jack about a rink...the second person he came to was me and tolfd me he was gonna give me a parcel next to his so we could be neighbors. When bambi and i seperated, he was ythe first person there to help me through it. he was always there wheh u needed him when ever you asked...except when he was working on his go-kart lol...he loved that little thing.

He was also a Die Hard Ravens fan...told me one day he'd quit if he was ever traded. he was also excited that he was going to be entered into the upcoming NA Draft with all of us. He loved this place so much. I believe his number should be retired league wide in his memory. I have also started working on a Frames S3 jersey for scotty since that was his favorate jersey. It will be free to all members. I am also going to be putting a small number patch on all of the AllStar Jerseys. Also if anyone wants, i will add that patch to their s6 jersey as well.
Samual Runo

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Last Updated: Sat Aug 16, 2008

I was in shock when i first heard I dunno what to say
the only thing i cant think of is

Dios bendice el vella de Scotty

Thats god bless Scotty Vella in Spanish

Rest In Peace Bud

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