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Posted by Jack Belvedere, Last Updated: 1 day ago

Season 19 starts on September 7th!  If you are interested in being in the draft, fill out an intention card and send to Kacey Rossini ASAP!

Posted by John Simms, Posted: Wed May 28, 2014 @ 3:10 PM

Miss the opening game of season 18? Have no fear you can watch it right now!

Posted by John Simms, Last Updated: Fri Jul 18, 2014

July 15, 2014
By Ashlene McMinnar

A season worth a spot in the GOHA history books.

Season 18 in GOHA may have started out with “obvious” winners yet the race between 1st and 2nd place was a hard fought battle until the very last second. Both the Moose and Wolves had a strong season from very early on playing tag team for the number 1 position in the standings until last Thursday night when the last game of the regular season between Cobras and Moose went into overtime...

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Posted by John Simms, Last Updated: 5 days ago

Award Description North American European
Lundquist Trophy Lowest GAA Merrik Caproni Allan Gudkov
Falta Trophy Most Goalie Wins Vic Gastel Javier Pastorelli
IPR365 Ah Trophy Most Goalie Assists Jehuty Niemi & Vic Gastel Javier Pastorelli
Gastel Trophy Most Goalie Saves Jehuty Niemi Javierito Noel
Zessinsthal Trophy Best Save Percentage Merrik Caproni Javierito Noel
Street Trophy Most Player Assists Javier Pastorelli Javier Pastorelli
Yumako Trophy Best Plus/Minus John Simms Nikita Felicci
Rolland Trophy Most Season Penalties Ronin McGinnis Kacey Rossini
Beckham Trophy Most Shots on Goal Keira Vyper Allan Gudkov
Beningborough Trophy Most Faceoff Wins Marjan Tomba Jamie Tolsen
Salazar Trophy Most Hits Beavis Beckham Allan Gudkov
Figgis Trophy Best Scoring Percentage Fall Goalpost Nikita Felicci
Ember Trophy Most Game Winning Goals Keira Vyper Nikita Felicci & Allan Gudkov
Gretzky Trophy Most Poke Checks/Trips Beavis Beckham Elliot Clarity
Clarity Trophy Best Pass Interceptor Anhayla Lycia Javierito Noel
Vyper Trophy Most Goals Scored Keira Vyper Allan Gudkov
Courneyor Trophy Outstanding Teamwork Moose & Wolves Ravens
Hickman Trophy Overall League MVP Keira Vyper Allan Gudkov
Jacks Trophy Playoff MVP Keira Vyper Javierito Noel
Jewell Trophy Most Improved Player Jace Darkmatter Josh Reflection
Merrick-Sabre Trophy Outstanding Offenseman Keira Vyper Nikita Felicci
Klata Trophy Outstanding Defenseman Anhayla Lycia Fall Goalpost
Rodriguez Trophy Outstanding Rookie of the Season Byronius Zedricks Scott Andrew
Wind Trophy Outstanding Goalie of the Season Merrik Caproni Javierito Noel
Gudkov Trophy Outstanding Utility Player Ashlene McMinnar Javierito Noel
Wachmann Trophy Outstanding Defensive Offenseman Beavis Beckham Keira Vyper & Ashlene McMinnar
Vidor Trophy Outstanding Offensive Defenseman Ashlene McMinnar Javier Pastorelli, Kacey Rossini, Ashlene McMinnar, Fall Goalpost, Javierito Noel
Nadoka Oh Trophy Enforcer of the Season Beavis Beckham Allan Gudkov
Beeks Trophy Outstanding Passing Javier Pastorelli Keira Vyper & Ashlene McMinnar
Goalpost Trophy Outstanding Captain of the Season John Simms Javierito Noel
Lusch Trophy Outstanding Veteran of the Season John Simms Javierito Noel
James Trophy Outstanding Sportsmanship John Simms
Hesse Trophy North American Toilet Bowl MVP Jehuty Niemi
Zuhrah Trophy Outstanding Referee of the Season John Simms
Ixtab Trophy Outstanding Farm Coach Kacey Rossini
Upshaw Trophy Team Cobras MVP Jehuty Niemi
Renegade Trophy Team Moose MVP Ashlene McMinnar
Itokawa Trophy Team Whales MVP Deej Kasshiki
Grumaiux Trophy Team Wolves MVP Keira Vyper
Dingson Trophy Team Foxes MVP Allan Gudkov & Ashlene McMinnar
Vella Trophy Team Ravens MVP Keira Vyper, Javierito Noel, Josh Reflection
Coppola Trophy Outstanding Service to the League Hawke Rexen, Allan Gudkov, John Simms, Merrik Caproni, Ashlene McMinnar





Posted by Jack Belvedere, Last Updated: Tue May 13, 2014

Farm Schedule

Monday - Friday

12pm SLT

Scrim/Practice Schedule

Monday / Wednesday / Friday

6pm SLT

If anyone would like to help volunteer to be a coach, contact Kacey Rossini.

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Team of the Week
WHALES TAKE THE T.BOWL CUP.. Team Whales Season Campaign Ends In Silverware And Boosting Their S19 Challenge By Winning the T.Bowel Series And Booking Their First Round Draft Place For The Up Coming Season. WTG WHALES !!!

Player of the Week
Vic Gastel
WOLVES WIN S19 GLOBAL CUP... Vic Overcame Missing Out On The League Title By Captaining His Wolves To Winning The S18 Playoff Series And Lifting The Global Cup. WTG Captain Vic and Congrats Wolves.

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