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Three Stars
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Jack Belvedere
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Posted: Sun Feb 14, 2010

We recently implemented the "Three Stars of the game" as those of you around have noticed. Dyz worked it into the Ref Hud and stats site as well, thanks Dyz!

The 3 stars is just a little extra fun and recognition for players. Here's how it works: At the end of each game, each captain picks one player from the opposition who they feel had a big impact on the game, whatever position they play. The captain IMs their choice to the head ref. The refs then pick a 3rd player, and then refs decide what order to put them in.

There won't be any award or anything kept on this, it's simply for extra recognition, and no drama is allowed :D. The teams can discuss who to pick, and anyone who played in the game can be picked. Sometimes it may be a high scorer, a defenseman who made significant impact, a goalie, you never know! Sometimes they might even be chosen by exceptional attitude, one amazing play, or really any factor!

I'd suggest the players skate out on the ice too when recognized Thanks Dyz for your work getting this GOHA Extra into the script!

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Forum Home »  GOHA PLAYER RECOGNITION »  Three Stars
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