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Congratulations and recognitions
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Jack Belvedere
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Posted: Wed Apr 28, 2010

I want to give congrats to the teams who won their division's season trophies and also to acknowledge some folks.

Wolves: Global Cup Winner! Very nice season and well-deserved. It's been a long time since the name of Wolves was on top, and we're all glad for you. The team was well-organized, diligent, and determined all season. Lancelot Skytower, you've been one of the finest captains to come through GOHA, nice job with the Wolves.

Foxes: Arena Cup Winner! Foxes came on very strong towards the second half of the season and did an amazing job! Congrats on your season win!

Whales: Toilet Bowl Trophy! WTG Whales! An excellent season with some ups and downs, captain changes, player losses yet you stuck in there and played well.

I also want to give a special nod to the Cobras team and captain Abu Salazar. I had a little speech for you all last night too, but everyone except Ashlene left right after the game, so you get it now The players who joined and helped reform the Cobras did a fantastic job with forming the teamwork necessary to take it all the way to the Finals, in spite of the troublesome start the team had this season. There were some issues along the way that were handled with grace and good humor. Many folks don't know all that went on this season, and I had a lot of interaction with captain Abu Salazar and I am proud of you Abu for hanging in there, taking the team so far and refusing to quit. You definitely deserve a round of applause. VERY competitive tough team.

As the season went on, each team in both divisions found its own groove and there were no giveaway games, as each matchup surely was a fun challenge for all involved.

I hope you all had fun, and looking forward to next season and this summer season. We've never had a casual summer season before, it's something new. I hope you will spread the word and encourage everyone to get involved. If you see S10 teammates who haven't found a summer team, please assist them.

We have new sims and rinks coming and I can't wait to get to work on those and finally open the area. I will let everyone know ASAP what we're looking at for number of teams for S11. We need at least one more team for NA, but I'm holding off on a final number until after the Community Partnership Program is up and running to better determine how many more new teams we will need. In the meantime we will have PLENTY of fun activities over the summer, so don't think you can hibernate! The summer season will focus on fun and relaxation and flexible to allow everyone to enjoy the great RL weather and summer activities. We'll be having our World Tournament too.

Stick by and more fun to come. I want to thank everyone who participates in GOHA, on and off the ice. I have a blast, and hope you do too. See you soon!

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Forum Home »  GOHA PLAYER RECOGNITION »  Congratulations and recognitions
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