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Jack Belvedere
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Posted: Mon Dec 13, 2010

Tangle Giano: Honestly, I don't know what I would have done without Tangle helping this weekend. She was around helping me switch streams (I tend to crash every time I try!), helping the musicians get set up, and hosting the musical events.

Lobo Rodriquez: Lobo did an amazing job with All-Stars! This was NOT an easy event to plan and implement within the insanity of Winterfest but he pulled it off. I received about 20,000 IMs (ok, slight exaggeration) after the game from visitors who were blown away by the game and had a blast. Lobo was bummed by the 10-2 score, but I explained to him that new hockey fans, who are used to watching football, think that's a normal score Thanks Lobo!!

Additional thanks to Lobo for spending so much time around the NZ hub greeting visitors this weekend!

On the subject of All-Stars, a couple more recognitions:

Kert Upshaw, August Lusch and Treet TV: For your fantastic professionalism as well as patience and humor with the delays.

All ASG participants: For good humor and determination to play in spite of the anticipated lagfest! It was fun though, never saw those stands as full. Thank heavens it's not that full every time, huh? LOL

Merrik and Ashlene: Thanks for making the jerseys!! They are fantastic!!

Janieke: You have been a great help to me and to all the noobs and visitors coming in. Thank you for spending the countless hours with Winterfest. Your experience with helping new folks has been a godsend.

Katia: In spite of being sick as a dog, Katia has stumbled in this weekend and been pricelessly helpful. Great idea too on the art exhibit which has gone over fantastically!

Tomba: The ski jump is incredible. Everyone is in awe of it. This definitely needs to be a permanent addition to the Chamonix build.

Lance Skytower: Lance has been very helpful behind the scenes, making an amazing balloon tour of the sims (and hosting it) and took over an event for me yesterday when there was too much going on at once. Thank you Lance!!

Winterfest Planning crew: Dyz, Anh, Katia, Marjan, Ashlene and Tangle: We're getting great comments, compliments, and a lot of folks just having a plain good old time. Thank you for all the work!!

All of GOHA!: I know some of you have probably been around helping greet or direct visitors or answer questions and we didn't even see you doing it. I caughtMaverick Garsdale in the act a couple times Also for coming to the Open Hockey games and helping out the experimenting players. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!
Katia Ixtab

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Posted: Mon Dec 13, 2010

Wow goes to Jack for the seamless coordination of the events as they unfold and never ending positive reinforcement he gives back to all of us and the new folks stopping by for Winterfest!
Han Okelli

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Posted: Mon Dec 13, 2010

Marjan built the ski jump??? Maybe he can help me not to get a zero.

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