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Jack Belvedere
League Admin

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Posted: Sat Mar 12, 2011

Blondin or Rex finished up correcting our settings so we can set events on the SL website at Chamonix, but FYI there's a bunch of new rules about events posting. A single avatar, or their alts, can't post more than 5 events in 24 hours. So this is an issue with getting the games all on the schedule.

Ashlene, let us know how you would like to do this. I can enter for instance, all Saturday, Tuesday and Friday games for the season, Katia all the Farm events, Tomba all the Monday and Wed games, you the Sunday and Thursday games, and then fill in the blanks? Whatever combination of the above.

I do have some standard text, too, but the system is set up to discourage spammers so it will refuse the exact same wording on the same day. I just added at the top the name of the game (Wolves vs Mammoth for instance) to make it accept the event.

Standard that I use:

Global Online Hockey Association(GOHA) is the sports community you've heard about in SL! Featured on SL's Showcase, SL6B-7B, TreetTV, Winterfest 2010.

Season 12 has begun! Come on by and watch the excitement, with new features and even more realistic game play.

Our league exists solely through the dedication and volunteer efforts of many long time players and we gladly welcome new folks into the fold. We all love the game of ice hockey and the longstanding friendships that have developed through this historic sports community. The league is independently managed by longtime GOHA members and league founder Jack Belvedere.

Come on by and watch as our 12 teams compete for the Global/Arena Cup! We love our fans. You will love our friendly atmosphere, on 3 gorgeous rinks built to suit the SL environment. The game offers the most realistic hockey game you could imagine in SL.If you love hockey, it will take your breath away.

Stop by, pick up your FREE equipment, and try it out. Or stop by tonight and check out a game! Spectators are requested to be on the spectator side to help players with lag.

Visit our website at
Marjan Tomba
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Posted: Mon Mar 14, 2011

We have games now, you say? What's all this about? Who are you people? How do you know my name?

And fine. Just show me how and where and how and what and how and I'll do it.

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