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earn 1000$L for taking a survey
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Trimbor Slade
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Posted: Wed Jun 6, 2012

This guy is doing a study for the Univ. of Southern California, you must be over one year old in SL. You do an online survey, do a test in SL, then 24 hours later a "wrap-up" survey. I did it, it's painless, very confidential and he did pay. Here is the info and he is looking for lots of test subjects:

This is an open call to members of Second Life who have used their avatar for at least 1 year to participate in a virtual behavioral study conducted by the USC Institute for Creative Technologies. Participants must use their personal avatar for this study and be fluent in English.

If you volunteer to participate in this study, you will be asked to engage in a memorization task while watching your avatar perform an activity for less than 6 minutes. You will also fill out web questionnaires regarding your personality, preferences, and activities prior to the task. One questionnaire will follow 24 hours after finishing the task. No identifiable private information will be collected or retained. No “real life” personal names will be collected. Avatar names will be collected and retained only for the purpose of sending links to the questionnaires and disclosing the nature of the study. These avatar names will not be available to anyone outside the members of the USC ICT Staff necessary for this study’s completion.

After the completion of the 24 hour questionnaire, you will be compensated 1000 Linden dollars paid directly to their avatar’s account. Specific avatar names will be destroyed upon conclusion of the study and will not be published.

Participants will be free to cease participation at any time without penalty. There are no known adverse effects and therefore minimal risk from participating. Full disclosure of the study’s purpose will be provided after the study has concluded.

Contact Kamil Kurri in SL to participate.

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