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Season 18 Cobras
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Jehuty Niemi
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Posted: Sat Aug 16, 2014

I know that posts like this one are usually put under the team topics, but I feel like this needs to be put in a place where others will see it.

To say that this season ended in disappointment for our team would be an understatement. Even now, it stings to think about what could have been. Statistically, there might be little to speak of in terms of success for the season…however, the stats can never capture the heart and character of a team.

Beyond the numbers, beyond the wins and the losses, this Cobras team did not know how to quit and has so much to be proud of. I want to take some time and give everyone the credit they earned and deserve, and let it be known to any who may read this how special of a team these Cobras were.

After six seasons of playing on and watching some very strong teams, I don't think I've ever seen a team work and compete as hard as this one did. Every single game was a battle for us, and win or lose, every single player gave it their all and made this team much greater than the sum of its parts. We played to our strengths, found ways to overcome our weaknesses, mounted many comebacks and in the face of adversity, everyone kept their cool the way that a group of seasoned veterans should.

Allan -- Huge part of our offense, and an important piece of our two-way game. You gave us a ton of flexibility in our lineup, and I got to see firsthand why you're consistently one of the best utility players in the league. With my connection being as sketchy as it is nowadays, to know that you were available to take the net if I started to falter was a huge relief and made things much less stressful.

Beav -- An absolute monster in the neutral zone like always. We relied on you so heavily and gave you the lion's share (no this is not a Marjan reference, you don't have to get your hair ruffled =P) of the defensive duties, and not once did you ever falter…you were always there for us in a big way, and left lots of bruises and teeth in your wake.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention all the clutch plays and goals you scored, especially in overtime…no big deal, all in a night's work, right? =3

Doc -- Always a calming presence on the team, and one of the best defensive forwards in the league in my opinion. You were sorely missed down the stretch while you were traveling through Europe (we're all still jealous of that, by the way =P). I'm disappointed that I did not realize this until I got to watch it happen every single game, but you're a hell of a backchecker and gave us a lot of support in our zone, and still had time to pot some big goals for us.

Kris & Henrik -- It was a wild ride with you two sometimes, but you were both as reliable and solid as they come, and probably the most difficult players to knock off of the puck in the league. You both made some hugely important stops around the crease throughout the season…no one seems to give you guys enough credit for the plays you make, which is a shame and will hopefully change.

Jan -- A force to be reckoned with around our crease, and perhaps the only thing that kept us all from turning into cavemen last season =). You were always willing to adapt to any adjustments we had to make, gave us a ton of versatility, and stepped up in a major way no matter what part of the ice you were in. Got some big goals from you, big clears and passes out of our zone, and some great advice during our practices. Thanks for keeping us all in check. =P

Lito -- Stepped in right around the midpoint of the season and meshed extremely well with the rest of us, it was like you were part of the team from the very beginning. You were to us what Marian Gaborik was to the LA Kings last season…scored some major goals and became a vital piece of our offense. It's a shame we couldn't bring you in sooner, but you definitely made the most of your time with us.

Roy -- Rookie of the season. I don't care if the awards wind up saying otherwise, because it's been a long time since I've seen a new player step in and make as much of an impact as you did. You were an essential piece of our back line, and made some amazing moves to get the puck out of our zone all season. Scored your first goal in your first game on offense, too…not bad for a guy who's new to hockey. There's some serious talent here…keep it up, dude.

It was an honor to be given the privilege of acting as captain for this team…Kris, you put together an amazing group in the draft. I want to thank everyone for the outstanding effort they put in all season long, and for making my first ever tenure as captain an enjoyable one. I'll see you all next season. ^.^
John Simms
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Posted: Sat Aug 16, 2014

Great job Cobras! You all played excellent this season and should be very proud!

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