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Vic Gastel
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Ashlene McMinnar

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Posted: Tue Aug 19, 2014

I wish to give a shout out to Vic Gastel. In S12, Vic joined GOHA as a rookie and was placed on the Cobras where he experienced his first taste of hockey. Despite some less than pleasant moments there, Vic returned to GOHA in S13 on the Polar Bears and really stepped up for his team filling in any role they needed him to and even when the team began to crumble Vic stood tall and did everything he could to finish the season out decently. Once S14 rolled around, Vic moved on to become the Wolves Captain and has been ever since. No matter what’s come his way as a person and league member, Vic’s stood tall (for as tall as a badger can get) and kept up the fight. He’s grown so much as a player as well as a Captain and after trying for 5 seasons, he has now finally won the Global Cup with his Wolves team and for that I wish to congratulate my fellow league member and friend, well done on finally achieving your goals and well done for never giving up.

Vic, I’m proud of you. Proud of you as a player and captain but also as a friend. You’re one of those people who’s always there to provide us all with a laugh and joke and I think this is widely known but what most people may not realize is that you’re also a caring and reliable friend. Someone who’s unexpectedly there for you when you need it most and expect it least. I’m always happy to talk to you and see you on or off the ice and I do hope we’ll get to enjoy your Badgerness for many more seasons to come. GOHA needs people like you. People who never give up, who take the bad in stride, who can laugh at themselves. Someone who can lift the weight of anything bad that’s going on by mixing some humor into it. You’re a gem Badger Buddy, once again congratulations on a fantastic season for the Wolves but also for yourself.

Also, on a personal note I really wish to thank you for your amazing humorous awards presentations. I've laughed so much, well done.
John Simms
League Admin

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Posted: Thu Aug 21, 2014

I salute thy Badger!

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Forum Home »  GOHA PLAYER RECOGNITION »  Vic Gastel
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