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GOHA Hockey has been featured across the internet and we are proud to be the virtual world's premier team sports organization!Here are some of the places you can find us on the web. Yes, you can play virtual hockey in a stunning 3-D world!


New, Winter 2009, come follow us on Twitter! Can't make a game? No problem! Follow the action with Twitter updates.




Site for networking for avatars from multiple online worlds including Second Life.

In past seasons, GOHA has been featured on TreetTV. Videos are still available to watch.

About TreetTV
Treet brings you virtual television. It is a professional video network designed to expand the in-world audience as well as deliver virtual entertainment to the real-world. Started by Wiz Nordberg, Treet has become the virtual entertainment conduit of Second Life programming.All the video clips found on their website are archives of live events as they happened in Second Life. Live video is seen on screens at various locations in Second Life as well as streamed to their website and, starting in 2009, throughout other virtual worlds and internet sites throughout the world.  Treet is setting a new standard for virtual broadcast television with regular lifestyle programming.

Treet TV has also covered other notable live events like the SL International Technology Expo organized by the V3 Group in April 2007 and the SL Best Practices in Education conference held in May 2007.Since then a number of regularly scheduled shows have filled the Sunday and Monday lineups, including several sports shows. Treet offers special interest channels for community, lifestyle in addition to sports. See the TreetTV Channels for the full list and samples.If you would like to add the Treet stream to your land please visit their website.Treet programs are also available as video podcasts. See the Podcast page to subscribe with iTunes or other RSS manager software.

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Our league is featured on Second Life's "Showcases" .

From Second Life's website:

"The Showcase section of and the Second Life viewer highlights some of the best inworld locations and Resident creations. For new and existing Residents alike, this is the place to go to explore and discover what's most exciting in the Second Life world. Showcase features Arts & Culture, Education & Nonprofit, Fashion, Hot Spots, Music, Photos & Machinima, and Tutorials.

Showcase is a place to show off some of the most interesting, entertaining, and novel Resident-created content. Showcase is for existing Residents as well as potential Residents exploring the Web site for the first time. At any given time, the featured content will be limited. We look for content that we believe "showcases" the best of Second Life."

We have been featured on CNN's i-report!

From the CNN i-report pages:

With this site, we want to share our passion about the news in a way that invites you -- and everyone else -- to share your passion about the news. At CNN we live for news. We love talking about it. And we know that there's a whole lot more to it than what you see on TV or read on your favorite Web site. So we've launched an independent world where you, the community, tell the stories we're not used to seeing. And the most compelling, important, and urgent ones may get seen on CNN.

So head on over the homepage and jump in. Tell your story and see how it connects to someone on the other side of the world -- and build a new kind of news site, one made from communities of shared interests, impassioned discussions and great storytelling."

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