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Team History:

The Wolves were one of the two original GOHA teams.

SL Community Affliliation:

First Season Played:
Season 1

Original Team Roster:
Jack Belvedere
SpecialK Sabre
Vivienne Coppola
Aaralyn Mirabeau
Valerie Bethure
Dora Kralomare
Shepherd Kendall
Marjan Tomba
RobBorje Salming
Brando Superior
Crew Collishow
Jensen Itokawa
Evangeline Abruzzo
Weis Hickman
Thorn Aridian
Matt Reisman
Mason Edelbrock
Ronaloka Robbins
Raymond Yeats
Raymond Goalpost
Mia Koala
Extremely Noble
Sugar Zuhrah
Slapshot Zamboni
Myku Komachi
Rugal Warilla
JC Pro Goalie
Safira Zeami

League Awards:
The Global Cup (North American Division Trophy)
Season 1
Season 10

The Tomba Cup (NA Division Regular Season Champs)
Season 4
Season 10

Grumaiux Trophy (Team MVP Wolves)
S4 Joseph Grumaiux
S7 Joseph Grumiaux, Boston Beeks, Dex Braveheart, SandraDay Oconnor, Naples John
S9 Dex Braveheart
S10 Reban Aura
S11 Lito Menoptra
S12 Dyz Warburton
S13 MrC Sparta, Mynameisbob
S14 Vic Gastel
S15 Murdock Beningborough

The Toilet Bowl Trophy (won in best-of-7 between lowest standings teams)
Season 8

Current Team Captain:

Vic Gastel

Favorite Team Memories:

Jack Belvedere: "The Wolves were my first team, when we were all new and we had no idea what we were doing. When scores were 30-23 (is this football or hockey?) and when we all looked like newbs! This team will always be fond because it was my first."

Han Okelli: "The Wolves was my first team when I came to GOHA in Season 7 and I was new to Second Life. And I remember Joe (Joseph Grumiaux) he did take time for his players and was willing to teach. The Wolves Den was awesome. It took me time to understand him but he was never mean to me and was respectful and a great leader. That is a real captain who serves his team first and leads by example. You do not have to win games to be a good leader but be a successful team means working together and supporting each other. Joe and I still chat here and there and its cool! I met some cool people from my time as a Wolf in s7 and we are still friends until this day. You rock Naples, Boston, Dex, Joe, Mango, Sandra and Ray and ok and Flash!"

Ashlene McMinnar: "
S9 is my first and I'm thankful that I ended up playing for the Wolves. I got some truly valuable lessons from every single person in the team and everyone is always so encouraging. And we have such a laugh whether it's during a game, before or after or whenever, it's always great and a lot of fun. We're not ranking the top, our butts aren't sat at the top of each statistic but that's okay because our spirits are higher than you can imagine. Dex is a wonderful captain and one thing I'm really happy with is the fact he gave me a chance. He got 'stuck' with me but he actually let me play and put me out there and has always been great.  I love my Wolfies, every single one of you in S9! Dex, Sacha, Baron, Lance, Tazzy, Kacey, Tuv, Ashlee (my almost namesake!), Acal, Jayson and of course last but nowhere near least.. Mr. Donut himself.. King!  No matter where we end up for S10, you're heroes and I'm having a blast."

Taz Foodiboo: "Rookie season 9 wow it's over and I must say that my loyalty will always, always be with the wolves. You all rock and were so supportive of me learning and taking goalie baby steps. I still have so much to learn and learning isn't easy when you have taken one too many pucks to the head right JACK? lol sorry was one of my proudest moments when I dinged him in the head lol We had fun and we all knew that a win or loss only can happen when we all play well as a team.S9 I saw a group of rag tag nere do wells come together as a team and by the end we were playing damn well together. I think kudos go first to my favorite captain whose unending patience and willingness to take aspirin each time my sacarstic comments caused trouble and still be supportive of me and let me play.

Ellick Yumako: "In Season 4, I was a rookie and had an awesome team. I think we had the best looking team and that could win it all. Bitter rivals to the Whales, where Jensen, VJ, Marj led the team. I remember a game where we were losing 2-1 with 1 min left, and I scored with 40 secs to tie the game and winning an intense one in overtime when Sirk scored the Game winner.

Still to this day, Joe Grumiaux gave me an inspirational quote after advancing to the up final. "Keep on scoring, You will make it big at the biggest stage". A Tomba Cup and a Cup Final and a Rookie Award, and in that season. It was my best first experience to GOHA. I would like to thank Joe Grumiaux, my mentor, my scoring buddy. Thank You for making me who I am today in GOHA."

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