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Update, Fall/Winter 2012:
Chamonix City is being redesigned from the bottom up. Stop by and see all the changes!

Chamonix City is an area of 6 sims connected to the mainland at Braggiani. GOHA applied for consideration for the Community Partnership program with Linden Lab in 2009, and acceptance was announced in early 2010. This program features large, non-profit, independent and stable communities inside Second Life which offer sources for entertainment, information and social opportunities for Second Life residents. Linden Lab supplies the community with additional land and support and the community group supplies the content and maintenance. At GOHA we are very excited to be part of this program along with other longstanding SL communities such as Burning Life and the Blake Seas Sailing Project. The CPP project officially opened on the weekend of August 28-29th, and in 2 weeks alone we welcomed over 3,000 new visitors. We look forward to continuing to expand the opportunities SL residents can find for fun and information at Chamonix City.

Along with these new areas containing GOHA content and 3 additional rinks, we continue to maintain our original rink at Jericho Hill/Treesong.

From the Blogs, 8/27/2010
Posted by Blondin Linden

Are you a winter sports fan? Do you like fast-paced, competitive action? Do you enjoy being part of a big friendly community? Welcome to Second  Life's fantastic new winter sports area, Chamonix City! This winter wonderland is a group of Regions connected to Braggiani and is opening   Saturday August 28th. It is the result of a collaboration between Linden Lab and one of our inworld partnership groups, Global Online Hockey Association(GOHA). If you have a similar, winter sports themed community that is free and open for all to enjoy, please let me know! I would love to stop by and have a look.

Chamonix City is modeled on the French town where the first winter Olympics were held in 1924. The area is nestled in the French Alps and offers  incredible opportunities for sports fans everywhere.

Here in Second Life, Chamonix City opens with fantastic community offerings for both new and old Residents. Global Online Hockey Association (GOHA), a longstanding active community, has constructed ice hockey  rinks, skating ponds, a replica of Chamonix, and many exciting areas for  events and Resident assistance. You can join the community, get  involved, and find a plethora of new friends and activities. Play hockey  or cheer on the teams! Grab a snowboard and explore or try out the ice skating rink with your friends. There’s plenty to do and see!

Highlights include:

Neutral Zone: Find the quaint village of Chamonix. Head over to the Post Office to contact GOHA staff for assistance or help if you are a new Resident. GOHA hockey hall of fame is centrally located right next door. There are shops containing free merchandise for new and old Residents alike. Check out the community area which features information on how to get involved and make new friends. Events planned here include live music and meet & greets.

Offsides: A beautifully constructed bridge leads you to more winter wonderlands of the Sansara mainland.

Crosscheck: Hold on to your seats! Two beautiful rinks (one indoor, one outdoor) await you. Grab a hot chocolate and a bench and get ready to watch some fast-paced professional level ice hockey action. The game schedule is busy, and you can catch practices and special events in action. When  a game is not in play, you can get some free sticks and try it out  yourself. League members are available to assist you.

This area also features a free ice skating pond (a great spot for a romantic night or a group night out with friends) and free snowboarding equipment.

Empty Net and Blueliner: These Regions host professional quality hockey rinks where free equipment, uniforms and other goodies are available. GOHA features an active schedule of games and is in its 11th season. You can get involved in active regulation league play by checking out  the kiosks located in various spots all over Chamomix City.

Breakaway: Stroll over the high mountain bridge and look down: This area features a highly detailed Training Area where you can practice your burgeoning hockey skills independently or as a group. On the south side, check out the Pond Hockey area.  Hockey players are often firing up an exciting, no-holds-barred game of  outdoor hockey action in this area, and anyone is welcome to join in  these games.

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