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Are you the manager or a member of an active community in SL?
Want to provide yet another great feature for your community members, interact with other communities, and help with an effort to increase the sense of community in SL as a whole?

GOHA is "adopting" out its teams to active SL communities. This is not a sponsorship and there are no financial benefits or requirements. GOHA, as a large and active community in SL, respects the institution of Community and wishes to promote it throughout the grid by reaching out to other communities.

Your community will have the benefits of bragging rights to its own team as yet another draw to bring members and activity to your community. You will benefit from increased involvement with other SL communities. You will receive a team jersey and other fan items. You are invited to attend games and cheer for your team. As always at GOHA, everything is free. Teams are available to help promote your own community events as well.

GOHA's benefit is the involvement and interaction with your special community. Our team captains will communicate with you and our players will be honored to have their own cheering fan section!

In order to maintain this as a nonprofit offering, only communities that are non-commercial will be accepted. Your community should be based around member activities and functions. This doesn't mean your community doesn't have any stores in it, but that the primary purpose for your community is just that--community, not profits.

We still have teams available for adoption! So far, the following teams have been adopted:

Whales - Bay City Community
Storm - East River Community
Moose- Trotsdale Community
Cobras - Nova Albion Community
Ravens - Zindra Community
Foxes - Ravenswood Community Theater
Ice Lords - SLU (SL Universe) Community
Mammoth - Luskwood Community

Team that still needs adoption:
Wolves - (North American Division)

Contact Jack Belvedere in-world for information!

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