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Chapter 7 - League Management

Operations within GOHA are currently overseen by a governing body of members, consisting of the league’s commissioner, team of managers, and advisory members.  Each manager shares a general set of responsibilities, but also holds an additional set of responsibilities that is specific to his or her position.

For players to be considered for a position in management, they must demonstrate a strong sense of dedication to the league, leadership, an understanding of the league and game mechanics, and various other qualities over a period of time that show the ability to take on the responsibilities of a manager.  The general responsibilities shared by all members of management, present and future, include the following:

- A commitment to upholding and following the GOHA Mission, to the progression, advancement and improvement of all aspects of the league, and to maintaining an image of honor and class throughout the league.

- Cooperation with all members of management and with every member of the league, and a willingness and dedication to resolve, to the best possible degree, any issues or disputes among league members in an impartial manner.

- Full knowledge of the GOHA Rulebook and the ability to apply its bylaws and regulations, either verbatim or through caveat, to resolve in an unbiased fashion any issue that may emerge inside or outside the setting of a game.

- Adjusting, removing or adding league rules and game mechanics to improve upon certain aspects of the game and to promote league parity.

- Encouraging league growth and promoting the expansion of the league, the creation and maintenance of new and existing relations with outside communities, and the development of new players.

- Maintaining positive morale within the league and promoting a culture of pride, integrity and respect among all league members.

The members of the league’s governing body, effective as of Season 20, are Kacey Rossini and Jehuty Niemi.  Names of advisory members remain anonymous to protect their privacy.  Selections for new or vacated positions in management will be made at the discretion of the commissioner; players cannot formally apply to become a manager, and are instead chosen on an invite-only basis.

Managers & Responsibilities

League Commissioner - Kacey Rossini

- Oversees all league activity and all aspects of league management.

- Appoints league managers to their positions within management and has overarching authority over all managerial decisions, including the ability to directly supersede any action made by a member of management.

- Holds the sole authority to remove a manager or captain from their position, or to revoke a player’s ability to participate in league functions, for any legitimate and justified reason as covered in the league rulebook, mission statement, and code of conduct.

- Maintains regular contact with all members of management and ultimately grants approval or disapproval of any decisions or proposals made by a member of management.

- Distributes tasks to league managers as needed, and works alongside the management team in the daily and long-term operation of the league.

- Serves as the figurehead of the league and acts as its chief representative in all internal and external affairs.

- Organizes the financial aspects of league operations and contributes to the payment of sim maintenance costs, either by direct contribution or via fundraising and donations.

- Holds the sole right to accept or reject any builds, textures, materials or other types of content made for league use that are contributed by a member of the league.

- Serves as the final intermediary in the resolution of conflicts, to be consulted if a conflict cannot be settled within or among teams, and a solution cannot be found by management.

- Holds the right to add, remove, redistribute or change the duties and responsibilities that are assigned to a particular managerial position.

- Communicates with Linden Labs regarding the league’s community partnership, and ensures that the league acts in accordance with the terms of this partnership.

- Holds the final decision to approve or withhold any changes made to league rules or game mechanics.

Division Managers - Kacey Rossini (European Division), Jehuty Niemi (North American Division)

- Oversees all activities within the division and is responsible for promoting and maintaining the integrity, honor and competitiveness of all teams and players within the division.

- Acts as a liaison between all draft and team captains in the event of a pending transaction or a dispute among teams.

- Serves as an advocate for the fair representation and treatment of all players and teams within the division.

- Assists teams and captains throughout the process of initiating and finalizing all transactions, and presents each transaction to the Commissioner for final approval if required.

- Fields any and all league-related questions, issues, concerns and grievances that are raised by any player, and in particular, any concerns that are contained within or related to the division.

- Acts as a neutral intermediary between teams or players in the event of a dispute or conflict, and aids, to the best of their ability, in the resolution of these conflicts.

- Hosts divisional meetings and, in the event of Commissioner absence, league-wide meetings and captain meetings.

- Collaborates with the Commissioner and other members of management to investigate all incidents that may require supplementary discipline, and if warranted, administers any warnings or suspensions to the player(s) in question within their division.

- Maintains the proper scheduling of divisional games, including the movement of any postponed games.

- Communicates with captains and other members of each team on a regular basis to gauge the needs, attendance, and morale of the team.

- Communicates with the division and the league as a whole through the use of group chat and notices, league forums, and other media to post schedules, events, official statements and other announcements.

Referee Manager - Jehuty Niemi

- Acts as chief official and oversees all active referees within the league.

- Responsible for the assignment of referees to officiate games in both divisions, as well as regularly posting a referee schedule via group notices, direct distribution in-world, and/or the league website.

- Maintains full and current knowledge of the league rules and ensures that all referees are made aware of any verbatim updates to league rules, the interpretation of rules, or to in-game procedures.

- Hosts referee meetings throughout the season as needed to raise and discuss any issues related to the interpretation of rules, scheduling and procedures, and to address any questions that are brought up over the course of each meeting.

- Fields any questions and concerns that are related to league rules and any specific calls made during a game.

- Fields any grievances that a league member may have against a particular referee and investigates the validity of these claims; additionally, if a referee is found to be guilty of repeated or egregious incidents of poor performance, the referee manager must consult with the Commissioner regarding any decision to revoke refereeing privileges.

- Maintains a high standard of officiating among all referees, and advocates fair play among all league members.

- Assists in the proposal of new rules and/or the alteration of existing rules, and works together with the Commissioner and management team in developing the wording of these rules.

- Examines all cases of unusual application of rules or calls that are made via referee caveat, and determines whether or not the call in question is a valid interpretation of the rules and whether the call should lead to an amendment or addition to the current rulebook.
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